From living with wood fire, we respect the connection between people and people and people and nature. We aim to develop our own culture.

Snuggle up to a Wood Fire.

Over 30 years of mainly wood stoves, Fireside is proposing to use our time and space with fire without limiting the use of wood fire to simply heating. Firewood is a gift from nature. Firewood is a renewable energy created by the sun. Wood fire warms us without warming the earth. Wood fire is an igniting point where people with people and people and nature are connected. The enjoyment of wood fire becomes extraordinary. By creating a new way of relaxing, playing, gathering together, and the learning that wood fires bring to us, we want to return to a life of using "fire everyday" so there is wood fire in our daily lives. Wood fire always stirs up our curiosity, just as it did when humanity first had the courage to touch and use fire.

Feel good choose wood

A real wood fire satisfies like no imitation can. Each fire is unique, following its random path from lit kindling to dramatic flames to red coals. The soft glow of the fire creates a memorable setting for intimate conversation. It’s the place where family and friends gather. Gazing into the fire in a quiet moment, your imagination is free to soar on flights of fancy or probe the depths of the soul. A wood burning stove bathes the room with a rich, soothing warmth that no other energy source can equal. The fire’s radiance gives a welcome embrace as you come in from the cold. With its all-natural ingredients, a real wood fire is a hearty tonic for winter chill. When you warm your life with wood, you participate in a natural cycle and an ancient human ritual. The simple act of stirring coals and placing logs on the hearth is one we share with ancestors who lived at the dawn of human history. Burning wood for warmth is still satisfying. True, it takes a little extra effort, but like tending a garden or home cooking a meal, you are always rewarded.

When trees are used for energy, a part of the forest’s annual growth is diverted from the natural decay and forest fire cycle into our homes to heat them.

Well-managed forests can be a renewable, sustainable source of energy that helps us reduce greenhouse gas emissions by displacing the use of oil, gas and coal.

When all else fails, you can count on a real wood fire. Without heat, an emergency becomes a disaster, but with a reliable wood heater and a few candles, you’ll turn it into a family adventure. When storms rage and the power lines go down, your family will be warm and cozy and safe around the real wood fire.

Paul Kastner, President Fireside Company Ltd

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August 8, 1987

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